Former South African Jacob Zuma to be prosecuted for corruption, Fraud and Racketeering


Former South African president Jacob Zuma is facing prosecution for corruption, racketeering and fraud. In a statement to the press state prosecutor Shaun Abrahams, said these charges will now be reinstated.

Zuma has fought for years to avoid going to trail for 783 counts of corruption, which were linked to a political bribery scandal that stretches back to the 90s.

In 2009, the case against Mt Zuma was dropped in a controversial manner; this was after security services managed to produce tapes that allegedly show that there was political meddling by the prosecutors.

According to reports the charges relate to $2.5 billion ( 30 billion rands) dollar arms deals that happened in the 1990s when Jacob Zuma was the deputy president.

Jacob Zuma has denied the allegation continuously, but according to a report from Africa news, the state prosecutors are confident that they will have a successful prosecution.

After consideration of the matter, I am of the view that there are reasonable prospects of successful prosecution of Mr Zuma on the charges of the indictment,’‘Abrahams said.


The statement above was tweeted by the ANC.


In 2017, the supreme court of appeal upheld the ruling which set aside the 2009 decision to withdraw the case the against Jacob Zuma.

Over the last four weeks, a team of five state prosecutors spent hours studying the former president’s reasons for not going to court.

Reports indicate the 200 witnesses have already come forward and have confirmed that they are willing to testify if Jacob Zuma case goals to trial.

Prosecution of politicians rarely happens in African politics that is why it will be interesting to see how far these charges go.