A Resident in a Nursing Home lay dying in bed for hours after attack by another Resident

According to Channel Nine news, the federal aged care watchdog has come under scrutiny, they have been accused of failing to properly investigate the violent attack of a demented resident on another defenceless elderly resident. The incident happened at St Basil’s Nursing home in Adelaide.

The South Australian Coroner criticised the aged care complaints scheme over its handling of the death of the resident in 2012.

The coroner inquest head that the demented resident Rosalia Setalo aged 85 went on a violent rampage, attacking resident with plastic chains and walker.

Today the court heard that the scheme missed essential details, the information alleges that the nurse on duty tried to cover up the attack to minimise her failures.

The court also heard that instead of restraining the resident or removing the other resident out the violent residents’ way, the senior nurse on duty protected her self by hiding in a room. The court further heard that the nurse broke protocol by failing to check on the residents every hour.

As a result of that, the deceased resident lay in her bed in severe injuries for two hours before she was found.

The Senior Nurse told the court that she thought that the now deceased resident had harmed herself, and as such, it was okay to clean up the crime scene.

Flinders medical centre later dismissed the report as self-harm and reported the assault to the police. And by that stage, 15 hours had passed since the death.

But despite damming allegation, the federal aged care watchdog said, the case did not warrant reporting the nurse to professional governing bodies which could de-register her.

The Federal aged care watchdog further went on to say that they were not aware that when the nurse called the ambulance, she requested the ambulance come within an hour instead of urgently.

The criticism I feel has to also go to the nursing care home as well; one would wonder where the other careers were. It is a general policy in most nursing homes, and especially in dementia wards, that staff do not work by themselves due to the violent nurture of residents with dementia.

I don’t think it is too much of a stretch when I say; this is probably not the first time this resident has gone violent and has attacked someone be it, staff or residents. And if this is not the first time, the resident has gone violent; then the nurse should have alone in the ward looking after demented residents.


Who do you think is to blame for the death of the resident, is it the nurse or the nursing home?

Should The nurse have been reported to the Nursing board?