2.1Kg of cocaine wrapped with condoms have been ceased from a Bolivian National

The Zambian drug enforcement commission (DEC) has arrested a man of Bolivian nationality for attempting to smuggle cocaine using condoms.

The 27-year-old was arrested at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport and was held on charges of trafficking in 2.1 Kg of cocaine that was hidden in fifty-five bottles of roll-on.

According to Mwebantu, a local online newspaper the Bolivian national was intercepted upon arrival from Rio de Janeiro through Angola aboard an Angolan airlines flight.


Zambia has had a drug problem for some time, for example, 5,901 people were arrested countrywide for illicit drug use and possession in 2016 by the drug enforcement commission. The drugs include cannabis, cocaine and heroin. 1,110 of the people arrested were from Lusaka. The amount possessed by people arrested was in the region of  K8,275,004.96 and US$320,704.46.

According to a local NGO, high unemployment and poverty are what is pushing an increasing number of Zambia youth to abuse drugs and alcohol.

Another report done by the BBC showed that illicit drug use cuts through economic classes and that it is not only people from poor households that were resorting to mind-numbing drugs it was also from affluent families.

The frightening part about the rise of illicit drug use is that most people taking are from poorer parts of the country. Drugs like heroin and cocaine are not cheap, how are people affording them? And who is pumping that amount of drugs in these neighbourhoods?