Riots have Erupted In Parts of Lusaka due to Government Ban on Vending amid Cholera outbreak

Residents in some Lusaka compounds are violently protesting over the regulation imposed by the Government to control the spread of Cholera.

The Cholera epidemic has been going on since late 2017,  spreading at an alarming rate. The outbreak has forced the Government to ban street vending to control the spread.

Mwebantu a Zambian online newspaper published photos of burning trucks and firs set in the middle of the road. According to Africa news, police were forced to discharge tear gas to stop the riots.

The Cholera outbreak has forced the church to counsel all service, and the start of the school calendar has been postponed for the foreseeable future to contain the epidemic. There are restrictions on crowds and the times’ bars, and nightclubs can open.

The Army was deployed less than two weeks ago to help with the cleanup and to shut down businesses that do not follow the public health policies. The outbreak has been made worse by the start of the rain season.

The government has also set up cholera treatment centers; the health minister has since reported that the cholera cases have dropped by 50% according to Times of Zambia.In the last 24 hours, though 24 people have died as a result of Cholera.

This is not the first time a cholera outbreak has happened, according to UNICEF situation report there where 1,179 cases of Cholera since February 2016. The cases were reported in eight districts, 31 people died as a result of the outbreak.

We will reserve our criticism of the government until the epidemic has been controlled. Hopefully, this epidemic forces the Zambian government to talk about policies so that these outbreaks do not keep on happening.