Americans Say Religious Aspects of Christmas Are Declining in Public Life – Pew study

The figures in the article do not surprise me at all. The shift in attitudes towards religious holidays and religion, in general, is symbolic of the indifference and the distrust people have of religion. This is something religious people have known for a while. As the culture becomes more and more secular, people will stop caring about religion. For example who would have thought that Ireland, a predominantly Catholic country would even contemplate legalizing abortion.  Western countries are increasingly becoming more and more secular so it is inevitable to have people stop caring or believing in religious beliefs.

While it is true religious aspects of Christian events are disappearing in public life but as I have pointed out in the past. My view here is that it the organized religion that people do not like. This could explain why people would listen to U2 at a concert sing about Jesus and not walk out of the concert. The sharpest decline according to the Pew study was seen among religious NONES, and again this is expected. Because the last 5 years as see the rise of religious NONES. What I find interesting is that certain aspects of Christmas are not believed by some section of Christians, for example, the virgin birth. Figures show that the share of mainline protestant that believes in the virgin birth as declined from 81% to 71%. 81% of Catholics now believe that the birth of Jesus was announced by an angel this is down from 90%.

The decline in religious ceremonies and events, in general, coincides with the rise of spirituality. For example, we are now seeing the rise of astrology among young people. A study in American found that more and more young people are willing to accept astrology as real science. Another one is Halloween, Halloween has become somewhat of a secular religious holiday in my opinion and judging by the way it is celebrated in America.   One of the reasons why spirituality is so exciting as opposed to organized religion. Spirituality has no legal code on how you should behave, spirituality allows you to find your own way. In Astrology, no one telling you what and you not do, and for many people the thought of not being answerable to anyone is enticing.

If you want to read more about the study, link is provided below