Bernie Sanders refuses to say whether Bill Clinton should have resigned over Lewinsky affair

Bernie Sanders refuses to say whether Bill Clinton should have resigned over Lewinsky affair

The hypocrisy in politics, politicians are not even trying to hide their hypocrisy these days. It is sad to see how long it has taken for liberal-leaning news outlets and Democrats to condemn Bill Clinton for his sexual misconduct. The Democratic party, the party that champions Women’s rights, LGBTIQ, African-American rights but do not believe in the rights of Religious people or straight white men. Remember that time Bernie Sanders applied the religious test to public office. The man champions for the right of poor people against big coöperation or the 1% but writes a book that made him almost a million, did he give that money away?

Republicans are not immune to hypocrisy either, looking the way they have stood by Roy Moore’s sexual allegations or even when the audio recording of Donald Trump surfaced, with him bragging about sexually harassing women. It seems people are voting for candidates mainly based on their sexuality, race or gender. We are now voting based on which group the individual comes from and not based on what qualities they bring to the table. The Democratic party has become the party of Planned Parenthood and abortions, for example, pro-life women were not invited to the women’s march after Trump won the election. Implicit in that is for Women to be part of the democratic party or be feminists they have to endorse abortions. As it stands now, I  don’t think any pro-life Democrats will ever stand or even win a nominee for the presidency.

As I have discussed in the previous posts about the dangers of group thinking are huge, attributing one characteristic to a whole group of people is what I call prejudice. According to Democrats the most dangerous group of people are white Cis-gendered Males, they are the symbol of oppression. This is the flaw that is in state-sanctioned diversity programs, it assumes that people within the group have similar characteristics, there are racist sexist Black people, racist sexist Indians, and some Homosexuals are against gay marriage. And shocking as it may be, there are women that are happy with being-stay home Mums’ and there is nothing wrong with that. Also, there are some men who are content with being-stay home dads.  As Dave Rubin put it “classical liberal principles that were championed by the Democrats for such a long time, are now conservative principles”

Some people would have voted for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman, never mind that she was one of the most corrupt candidates in American political history. And people would have voted for Trump because he is a Republican, never mind that the man fails on the most basic of human decency.  The political polarisation is getting wider and wider, the divide is not just limited to America. In Australia, politics are becoming more and polarised as Labour, Greens and informal voters move to the left.  For example, the Labour Government during the Gillard Government were against the legalization of gay marriage, Penny Wong was at one time against legalisation of gay marriage. Whether Penny Wong was lying or telling the truth, back then we will never know.  What this shows though is, people are complicated, we all led conflicting lives and do not always practice what we preach. For example, some of the people who were at the forefront of abolishing slavery were slave owners themselves at some point. People go around preaching how money is the root of all evil and then get on a private owned expensive jet or car to go and live in their mansions.

Finally, being intellectually honest in this politically polarised environment is very hard. News outlets that are supposed to be impartial are so politicised they do not even hide it. If we create a standard for one group of people, it should be applied across the board. Sexual harassment, assault or misconduct is morally wrong, it does not matter who is doing it.