Media  caught lying about Donald Trump Once again

How Trump not feeding the fish properly is a story is beyond me, I am sure we can find other important issues to discuss than this. For example, North Korea and the nuclear threat, that is still a pretty big deal right? Unfortunately, this is why a large number of the population are turning to social media for News which is not a good thing. The reason why we still need the mainstream media are in the earlier post.

People no longer trust the mainstream media to be balanced in the way they report the news. These are some of the stories the media got wrong, and at this point, it does not matter what your views on Trump, this just a matter of Journalistic integrity. Just report the facts as you see them, don’t create a narrative and then try to find the facts to support your narrative.

These are some of the stories the media got completely wrong

  1. The Russian Dossier, details are emerging that Hillary Clinton’s campaign may have financed the dossier.
  2. Trump was being investigated by Comey- this one was largely publicised by CNN
  3. The fake Rosenstein resignation scandal to name a few.  And are a lot more stories like that.

Trump lies, we all know he is not fit to be president, but does the media need and people, in general, need to stoop to his level. In the large skim of things, Even If he fed the fish wrongly, it does not matter? taking a small story like that and cranking it to 10 is one of the fast ways to lose credibility. This is what lives people confused, it is like having a friend who always has a tragic story about what happened to them, soon or later no one believes the person.

Finally, News media should just report the facts don’t create the news to drive a narrative. Present the facts and let the people make decisions based on the information that has been given because decisions made out of ignorance are very dangerous.