Manhattan Attack Is Called Terrorism. What About Vegas?

“This article from the New York Times tried to equate police encounters with blacks and the Vegas shooting. The article ends by saying the terrorism is in the eyes of the beholder”.

The answer is simple Motive, when it comes to issues dealing with killings charges are dependant on what the motives were. Finding the motive is often the difference between manslaughter or murder which can be the difference between the death penalty or life in prison. If the investigation of the Vegas shooting uncovered that he was trying to advance a political agenda through his actions, then that is an act of terror. With the shooting in Manhattan, we know what the motive was, it was purely political and it is the government job to protect its citizens from any terror, whether local or international.

In the case of Blacks and the police, Police do not intentionally go out to kill Black people, are there bad shooting? yes, but to imply that the encounters with the police can be seen as acts of terror is overreaching here. Most Police officers are good people.