WA man gets 10 years in prison for killing pregnant ex-wife

A Western Australian driver who killed his pregnant, ex-wife and then dragged her body outside and then stole her car before setting it on fire has been jailed for 10 years.

The 65-year-old man known by the name Mervyn Annear was convicted by a jury of unlawful killing of Charma Annear at her Laverton home, and then pleaded guilty to stealing her car and then setting the vehicle on fire.

Ms Annear was six months pregnant with another mans child when the incident happened, the WA supreme court heard. The court also heard that the deceased did not want to reconcile with him when he visited her home.

According to channel nine, Annear picked up a large pot and hit Ms Annear at the back of her head at least twice causing substantial cuts. Ms Annear then fell to the floor, and he landed on top of her, applying pressure to her body.

The cause of her death was Unascertained. Mr Annear claimed he intended to take her to the hospital, but the judge said it was “deliberate untruth”.

The court also heard that Annear further went on to steal some items from her house and left her car, which he letter destroyed by fire. In an attempt to make it seem as if her death happened during a burglary.

“Your falling on top of the deceased was not an accident … you chose to inflict your entire weight on a very small, pregnant woman who was injured,” Justice McGrath said.

“The judge went on to say that Annear showed no remorse or victim empathy”.

Annear will serve at least eight years in jail before he can be eligible for parole.

The report was  seen on channel nine news 

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