Nigerian authorities are investigating how a Snake ‘ate’ over $100,000 government funds.


Nigerian authorities are investigating how a Snake ‘ate’ over $100,000 of government funds.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) of Nigeria will investigate how a snake managed to get away with 36 Million Naira which is equivalent to $100,000.

This is the message that was on the twitter page of the EFCC.

The incident happened at the JAMB offices in Makurdi, capital of Benue.  Auditors had been sent to the place to count the money that had been sold from scratch cards to students.

The money belongs to the country’s joint admission and Matriculation Board, which is state agency responsible for the registration of admission for people wanting to be admitted to universities across Nigeria.

According to African News, Nigerian social media is still buzzing after a report come out that a clerk had told auditors that missing state funds had been eaten by a mysterious snake.

The clerk told the auditors that her housemaid and a fellow employee had confessed to spiritually stealing the money that was kept in the vault.

I became worried and surprised how the millions of Naira could be disappearing from the vault. I began to interrogate everybody in the house and office, and no one could agree on what might have happened to the money. I continued to press until my housemaid confessed. She said that the money disappeared “spiritually”. She said that a “mysterious snake” sneaked into the house and swallowed the money in the vault.

JAMB has since suspended the clerk pending the investigation and has vowed to get to the bottom of this.

So many questions to ask here; how did the snake get into the vault?  who is the owner of the snake? Is the snake mind controlled? If they find the snake, how are they going to get the money out its belly? Better still is the snake still in the country? What was the getaway car? What did the snake have for lunch that day? Is it even in Nigeria or has it fled the country?

The suspense is killing me, I cannot wait until the authorities get to the bottom of this. But seriously people there is a simpler explanation for all this. And if the Clerk, the employee and the housemaid get away with this one, I will be impressed and scared for the state of our institutions in Africa.