14 WORMS removed by Doctors from a woman’s EYE.

In 2016, Fourteen small worms were removed from a woman’s left eye in Oregon. According to scientists, it is the first reported case of Thelazia gulosa in Humans.

Thelazia is a genus of the nematode which infects the eyes and associated tissues of a variety of birds and mammals including humans. They are commonly called eye worms, infection with Thelazia is called thelaziasis.

Thelazia gulosa is mainly found in cattle in northern united states and Canada but has never been seen in humans until now. According to the study’s lead author, Richard Bradbury, of the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

The worms are spread by a type of fly known as the face flies: according to scientists the flies feed on the tears that lubricate the eye.

The worms are translucent.


Abby Beckley was diagnosed with Thelazia glucose in 2016; she had been horseback riding in Gold beach a coastal cattle farming area.

Ms Beckley pulled a worm from her eye herself after a week of irritation,  but fearing that she may go blind, she then visited the doctor and together with the doctors, they continued to pull all the worms out.

The original report was published in the  American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.


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