Opinion | There is no such thing as reverse racism there is just racism

Racism has multiple definitions depending on which dictionary you are using, below are the three main ones.

Cambridge Dictionary defines a racists as “ someone who believes that other races are not as good as their own and therefore treats them unfairly”

Collins dictionary “If you describe people, things, or behaviour as racist, you mean that they are influenced by the belief that some people are inferior because they belong to a particular race”

Oxford dictionary “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

So can black people be racists?

Distinguished academic Dr Micheal Eric Dyson reckons black people cannot be racists because racism requires prejudice plus power. And black cannot be racists because they do not have power. This is all the more confusing because in the video below he concedes that yes black people can be prejudice, discriminatory and bigoted towards other people, but they cannot be racist. What?

His definition of racism is intellectually dishonest, to say the least. Because it assumes that only White people are in the positions of power, he forgets that at one time the leader of the free world was Black.  DR Dyson is a professor, he in a position of power, he has the power to fail and pass students. Is he saying that  A white student in his class has more power than him?

Adding power to the definition of racism makes what the students did to Bret  Weinstein moral. To them, it is moral because they are fighting the power or the oppressive patriarchy.  Imagine if white students demanded an all white day at a university and black people were not allowed on campus? It would have been all over the news for a long time. But since this was done by a supposed oppressed minority, you did not here in the mainstream media, why? Because it does not fit the narrative.  Another example was when four black people kidnapped a white disabled Trump supporter and tortured him while shouting racists comments towards white people.  If we take Dr Dyson’s definition of racism, these teens had prejudice and had power which they were able to exercise on a defenceless disabled man. But according to him, that was not racism, they were just disturbed, young people.



The video above is probably the most racists, race-baiting, propaganda video  I have ever seen. “regardless of the race doing it, judging a whole group people based on the colour of their skin and not the ideas or their character is the definition of racism”. Adding power just shield minorities from criticism when they engage in acts of discrimination and prejudice. When black people behave badly, they are just angry at the system, but when white people behave the same way, they are racist.

Finally, white people are also people of colour as well; they are white, last time I checked that is a colour, physics aside. Why should they be judged by a different standard of behaviour? There is no such thing as reverse racism there is just racism; people should not be afraid to call it how it is when they see it. People should also be able to criticise bad behaviour without being called a racist, bigot or white supremacist