Equality? – Oxford University gives Women more time to pass Math and Computer Science exams

According to The Telegraph 

In a bid to improve the low scores for Women, Oxford University has increased the time’s women finish exams. Students taking maths and computer science exams in the summer of 2017 were given 15 minutes extra time to complete their papers.

This came after the authorities at Oxford university ruled that “female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure”. The length and difficulty of the question were not changed.

In 2016 the board of examiners suggested that the department make changes to improve women’s grades, in previous years men who receive first class degrees double that of women. However, despite the changes, men continue to outperform women in the two subjects.

This news is at all surprising, This trend of trying to achieve equality of outcome has been going for time. For example, In Australia, the physical standards expected for Women entering the military is lower than that of Men, and the physical standards that are expected for a woman to also stay in the military are also lower. Feminism started on the premise that women wanted the same opportunities that were awarded to men. What Oxford university has done here is not equality, this is equality of outcome which is dangerous on so many levels. Equality of outcome tries to ensure that every person is entitled to the same goods and services, and not merely a chance to obtain the goods and services.

Equality of outcome is like battling through a soccer tournament, only to find out that everyone at the end gets the same price does not matter whether you finished first or last. It is good for the person that did not put in the effort, but the people that worked hard to be better than everyone else it is demoralising.  Why put in the effort to be better if the reward is the same for everyone? If the goal is equality of outcome, the standard eventually starts going down. What creates high standards in any field is the competition. People want competent doctors, and it does not matter which colour shape or size they come in.

Equality of opportunity, on the other hand, is different, in that in cases where good and services cannot be distributed equally, equality of opportunity is a way of distributing unequal outcomes fairly.

Fields like Nursing, allied health, veterinarians and education, in these professions you hardly ever see men. You do not hear people complaining about the shortage of male nurses or male teachers. Should medical facilities have gender quotas for Men trying to be Nurses in order to have equal representation?

Women already outnumber men at university, the number of women graduating from university with degrees is already a lot higher than that of men according to recent figures from the UK.

If it is equality we want to achieve, then there should be no preferential treatment for any race, gender and ethnicity.  And if this is about equality we should also start looking at why men are dropping out of school and university in record numbers.

Studies have shown that there is no difference in IQ levels between Men and Women, which makes this move even more confusing.