Poem by William Kalu Musole | I AM YOUR GIRL CHILD- GFZF


Written by William Kalu Musole (Dormwiks) FOR GFZF

When I was born you were happy,
To some point, I regarded myself lucky.
Till you wished I was a boy child I can’t be
That could have brought you glad tiding.

My ambitions have become your burden,
My thinking you do not want to broaden
By telling me a girl’s place is the kitchen
whose society position can never heighten.

Make me the male child you might never have,
While you pray to a God up above.
Tell me the kitchen is not only for girls
But they can also set the nation’s development goals.

Tell me you love me.
Tell me you’ll ask for my opinion
On matters that may or may not concern me
And never to be regarded as a minion.

When I was born you were happy.
I felt your love and warmth when you called my name.
Now take me to school to make me happy,
So the world can see and come to know who I am;
I am, your girl child.