Africans Must Take Responsibility

Written By Andy Kas

In my previous article, I pointed out the fact that western governments and their corporations through their criminal behavior continue to steal from Africa using well thought out and strategically planned tactics. However, it must be understood that only a portion of the blame falls on their part, the blame to a large extent should be put on Africans and our governments. In as much as western governments have a hand in the suffering of Africans, we are to blame for most of our misfortunes because we have allowed the economic enslavement system to work against us. The handouts from cooperation and foreign governments have crippled our ability to produce goods and services for ourselves. We have allowed our natural resources to be abused and lastly, we have allowed our lack responsibility has enabled us to depend on western governments and their corporations for aid and grant packages.

Lack of accountability and unity across Africa has led our governments to continue designing policies and laws that favor foreign corporations in place of local companies. Majority of the major infrastructure projects and government supplying contracts in Africa are usually awarded to foreign corporations. lack of experience, funds, and expertise on the part of local companies is used as a justification to award projects to friendly foreign corporations. But all this is just a money-making venture for government officials who corruptly award foreign corporations in return for commissions and funding for their political parties.

As Africans, we must rise and reject the cancer of handouts as this has a potential cripple our abilities to produce for ourselves. However, handouts that offer opportunities and promote things such as scholarships, entrepreneurship, innovation, empowerment, science, engineering, and technology should be welcomed.  On the other hand, handouts in the form of grants and aid packages must only be accepted with a clear plan of usage and a designed program (s) to offer a long-term solution to existing challenges. Otherwise, most of the grants and aid packages are open to abuse by politicians without their intended objectives.

Going forward as Africans we will need to do more than just complain and empty talk on social media and radios etc. Africa has the largest population of young people and youngest labour force in comparison to other continents, we have the majority of the natural resources on Earth, we have the potential to be the shining continent, but to reach the level of self sustainability we will have to demand accountability from our governments and politicians, enact laws that are aimed at protecting our natural resources, laws that will empower citizens and give control of natural resources, straighten our corporate,trade and tax laws, push for a strong well organised and coördinated African union body to represent African affairs like European union.

We also need to ensure that we unit and protect each other, failure to do this we shall continue to be at the mercy of the rest of the world. It’s time to make Africa great and end the abuse our natural resources.

Article was written by Andy Kas

Andy Kas Studied Business law at Edith Cowan University