The Central Bank In Zimbabwe has been ordered to freeze account belonging to Mugabe allies- Reports

The central Bank in Zimbabwe has been ordered to have the accounts belonging to Jonathan Moyo and Savious Kasukuwere be identified and frozen. According to reports, the two gentlemen were part of the G-40 faction within the ZANU-PF that backed Grace Mugabe to succeed Robert Mugabe.  After the coup, the two gentlemen fled the country and their location is not known. Moyo was a minister of tertiary/ higher education and technological development. And Kasukuwere was a minister of local government development and public housing. The two men have been accused of taking advantage of Mugabe’s age in order to enhance their own criminal activity.

The details of the crimes have not been released, Moyo though took to Twitter to complain and I quote” the directive spells doom for ordinary people and businesses, he argued that the accounts had been frozen without following due process’. Zimbabwe’s new regime is working hard to restore the economy that has been destroyed by bad policy and governance.  After the coup, Emerson Mnangagwa pledged to pay the white farmers that had their farms taken by Mugabe. The President also gave three months for people and cooperation to return the funds taken out of the country through illegal means.

This is an attempt by the new government to deal with all the corruption that has been entrenched in Zimbabwean politics, the government should also freeze the accounts of the former Finance minister under Mugabe. Although I agree with the way the government is trying to bring back investors, the government in Zimbabwe cannot be trusted to Police itself.

Most of the people in Zimbabwe that are now in power have been with Mugabe since independence in 1980. The justice system is compromised, So having trails prosecuted by Zimbabwean Judges cannot be trusted it will bring justice to whoever enabled Mugabe to stay in power for over 30 years. Zimbabwe needs to appoint foreign judges to prosecute cases of fraud and human rights abuse that went unpunished under Mugabe.