Partisan Divide Widens in the way Radical Islam Is  Handled In America 

Half of Americans say the next president should be careful not to criticize Islam as a whole when speaking about Islamic extremists, while four-in-ten want the next president to speak bluntly about Islamic extremists even if the statements are critical of Islam as a whole.

Source: Republicans Prefer Blunt Talk About Islamic Extremism, Democrats Favor Caution


The Partisan divide here is mind-blowing, you will find hypocrisy on both sides of politics but the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party right now is mind-blowing. For Christianity, they are ok to talk and criticize ideas in Christianity they believe are not acceptable, but when it comes to other faiths, let’s be cautious. For example, Bernie Sanders applied the religious test during one of the conformational hearing. This is because the man in Trump picked holds a  view that Islam is a false religion. In short Bernie Sanders would not vote for Trumps pick because the man was just too Christian for Bernie Sanders.
Serving in office should not be based on the color of your skin, religion or lack of religion, it should be based on whether the person is qualified. This is no different to when Christians say they would never vote for an atheist even though in some cases the atheist is more qualified than the religious person.
Looking at the paper that Trumps pick wrote, it is nothing more than a theological disagreement, Muslims say the same thing about Christianity, they believe Islam is the one and only true faith. In a democratic society, every idea should up for debate and criticism. For whatever reason, we can criticize every other system of thought but no dears criticise Islāmic ideas. The alliance between LBTQI/ feminism and Islam is one that is baffling, It is like Gays don’t realize that if Islāmic Law was instituted right now Gays would be the first people to die. Just look at Saudi Arabia, I mean they have just given women the right to drive cars in 2017.

If Democrats hate religion the hatred should be for all religion not just single out one and protect the other.