More Americans are Turning to multiple social media sites for news – Pew Study Finds

About a quarter of all U.S. adults get news from two or more social media sites, up from 15% in 2013 and 18% in 2016.

Source: More Americans are turning to multiple social media sites for news

Opinion –

Well this is dangerous, on this issue I am old school, I believe news organizations like the New York Times still have a very big part of how news is managed. News corporations like these have a code of ethics. And if they report something that is inaccurate people can take them to task on it, unlike social media, there is no way vetting the information that one gets from social media. Information is great,   but increasingly it has become hard to distinguish what is true and is a lie especially if you cannot find the source.

It is true that news organization by large lean towards the left, the reason I like organizations like the New York Times or MSNBC is that at least they are upfront about it. Unlike  CNN and or ABC. Mainstream media have their flaws but at least you can catch them on it if they make a mistake. with social media, there is no pressure to get the facts straight. And here is the thing, it is not social media companies fault that we cannot tell fact from fiction, social media just reflects whatever is happening in the society. People genuinely feel that the views are not being headed and they have a point when you look at how the last election was covered. Turning to social media for our information will leave us more confused. News organizations have chains of command and it is these chains of commands that keep accountable.  The source of the information is as important as the information itself when it comes to media. 

Mainstream media should just come out and say what they are intentions are, instead of operating under the umbrella of fair and balanced when everyone knows they are clearly not. When we watch MSNBC or FOX news we know what we are getting they do not even hide it.

Mainstream media have their flaws, we can try to reform the way information is handled and distributed through these institutions, or we can teach people to distinguish what information is a false, true or as  Kellyanne Conway said the alternative facts, whatever that means. Dragging social media companies through hearing and blaming them for our failure to distinguish which information is false and the information that is true is rather depressing.