Opinion – The Dangers of Group Thinking

The start of this year marked the start of the 100th anniversary of the  Russian revolution, the revolution that established the Soviet Union. It marked the beginning of years of communism and at the heart of communism is the Marxist philosophy. Communist Russia symbolizes one of the darkest periods of Humanity. The Soviet Union was speared headed by a man called Vladimir Lenin and later Joseph Stalin, who through the revolution managed to gain control of Russia. The Lenin led revolution was financed by wealthy bankers from the allied army in world war 1. The idea of overthrowing an autocratic rule was fine, but the revolution did not have a better system of government to replace it with. Some Historians say that the years after the revolution were in many respects worse than when the Russians where under Czarist autocracy.

At the heart of communism is Marxism named after Karl Max, Marxism is a system of thought that seeks to understand society based on class struggle. Marxism seeks to create a utopia where there is no class and everyone is the same. Karl Marx envisioned a utopia where all the existing power were destroyed, not just the state, but also the system that gave values and moral structures. Marxism like libertarian systems of thought sounds good in theory, but in practice they are unlivable. I mean who does not want a utopia where resources are evenly distributed, where resources are controlled by everyone, a system where an individual working as a cleaner gets paid the same amount as a doctor.  And that is cracks of communism, it does not reward hard work and human endeavor it requires the government to have an absolute control over everything.  Because everything is controlled and owned by the state communist and socialist regimes in most become succumb to corruption, it limits progress and in the end as we have seen through history people suffer.

Marxism, socialism or communism, in the end, produced regime like Mao in China, Venezuela and of course the soviet union with Joseph stallion. In trying to levels a plain field to achieve the equality of outcome, communism created a sort of group think where individuals were judged based on the group they are found in. They used a class guilt to round Kulaks. Kulaks were wealthy productive farmers in Ukraine, the result was 7 million kulaks died of starvation, over 100 million people died throughout the soviet union error. The period was so bad that they had to posters telling people do not eat your children, it got so bad  People started selling human body parts. One still wonders why Stalin and his generals were not put on trial for the deaths they presided over.

Social Marxism creates a victimhood mentality, it takes away personal responsibility and put it on other people. It pits people against each other, creates an environment for example if a group of people is rich it means they are evil and they got the wealthy through evil means. You know the 1% Bernie Sanders is a part of, that he hates so much. You often here, the reason Black American is still not doing as well as the rest of America is that of the system.  And the top of that system is white people, or how feminist will point to the patriarchy and how it is the symbol of oppression. And at the top of the patriarchy is the white man.  Grouping people and attributing a characteristic to that single group of people is in my opinion racism. Here it does not matter which race does it, it was wrong when white people did it during slavery and it is equally wrong now when everyone blames the supposed system of inequality on white people.  The levels of suicide among white males is higher than any other race, but no one talks about it because white Males should not complain right?

In conclusion, as we remember the Russian revolution, we need to recognize that ideas have consequences. and how many countries and body parts do we need to have to realize that Marxism, communism, and socialism do not work? Capitalist Democracies have their flaws, but they are the best we have now so before we take them down. we have to find a better replacement for them.

This is a very complex Topic and hard to summarise it, feel free to post a correction if I have presented any wrong information, this truly tested the limit of the intellectual capabilities.