Are things really that bad in Western Countries? Opinion

These days when you watch the news you would be forgiven to think that the world is about to end. There is war or rumors of war every time the news is televised. People always have a cause they are fighting for some of them legitimate, whether wage inequality, racism or Women rights. There seems to a race of who is oppressed more, if you are Black you are oppressed and if you are gay you are oppressed as well. I guess the only thing that is worse is if you are Black and Gay, talk about the cards being stacked against you. But are things really that bad in western countries? Writing as a foreigner living in a western country. My opinion is and contrary to what the mainstream is saying things are not really that bad in western countries and here are the reasons why.

Firstly we have a much better health care system, it is not perfect but it is a lot better than 100 years ago or even 50 years ago. 100 years ago People died of illness we easily can cure these days, for example, contracting HIV or syphilis was a death sentence. who remembers the black death which slashed the European population in half. Or small Pox, the medical system these days are well equipped to handle outbreaks unlike 100 years ago. To add-on to that, we did not have professional governing bodies that regulate the conduct of professionals. Some of the experiments and research that were done back then would not pass the ethics community.

Secondly, the world has become a lot more inclusive in the west compared to 100 years ago. It is true racism, sexism and misogyny still exist, but the idea that is flat-out wrong that there is still a system of laws that are designed to oppress minorities. It is even sadder when you here rich people from minority groups complain about how the system does not favor them, never mind the fact they are being paid a lot of money by wealthy white owners. The idea that the system is designed to oppress people does not do justice to people who encountered real systematic racism. It is intellectually dishonest when people say that America or Australia is just as racist as when segregation was part of the law. Last time I checked minorities can still walk down the streets in western countries without a mob following them or the threat of lynching.

Thirdly, the economic system we have now has done more to lift people out of poverty than any other system we have ever had. The poorest person now in western countries is still richer than poorest person 100 years ago. In as long as we have a society there will always be inequalities, previous attempts to create a society aimed at creating equality of outcome and not opportunity for everyone has left us with a lot of dead bodies. The reason why people get educated is they want to improve themselves, the act of improving yourself will automatically create inequality and comes at the expense of others. That is just the way competition works. Whoever puts in the work reaps the benefits. It is the age-old proverb when it comes to effort “you will reap what you saw”

furthermore, when we consider war, we have wars now right, but compared to the start of the 19th century or even the middle of the 19th century this is nothing. We had revolution after revolutions, We had Hitler and the Holocaust, Mao-Zedong in China, and Stalin to name a few. I mean up until 1975 Spain was a dictatorship. And then there was that time we almost nuked the entire planet. Africa was fighting left right and center. The greatest threat to freedom right now is censoring of speech and radical Islamic fundamentalism in my opinion.

Finally, could things be better? yes, but to say that things are as bad as they were 100 years ago or even 50 years ago does nothing for progress. We do not people parading the streets wearing white hats anymore and America elected its first black president overwhelmingly. We have a better health care system and the life expectancy has gone up. Considering a number of choice people have, we are producing more food than we need, people are more educated on matters of everything important. Why are then Western countries so depressed?