Why Politics should stay out of Sports and Comedy – Opinion

Everything has gone political these days, if you disagree with someone about anything it means you are going against who they are as a person, it has even become hard to debate interfaith religious ideas. Whether in, medicine, business, parenting, childbirth, sports, and comedy. There was a basic rule for the better part of the last three decades. Politics and comedy should not mix, comedians were allowed to make fun of politicians but were not permitted to take sides. For a long time, sports and comedy were the only two things people had to help them forget about the stress of life. But increasingly this is changing especially after Trump was elected. Sports institutions and comedians are being forced to take a side and those that do not are forced to apologize otherwise their careers are over. Comedians like Dave Chappelle are forced to apologize doing what they have always done which is to make jokes. Also, God forbid anyone makes fun of black women and black people in general, this is based on this myth that black people cannot be racist and that they are still very oppressed in modern-day society.

Free speech these days only applies to minority groups, any other race is called a Homophobe, racists, or a Nazi. Comedians are not immune from this criticism either, casing point Bill Maher, received a lot of criticism for his of the “N” word and was forced to apologize for it. Love or hate the man this one is for sure he is not a racist and at least the guy sticks to what he knows best which is making people laugh. Also, I don’t think his goal is to influence public policy, culture maybe. And then there is Jimmy Kimmel, who these days comes across as a politician rather than a comedian or entertainer, every time I tune in to watch his show, he is championing a political cause whether health care or Gun control. Jimmy Kimmel should state who he is, and his motive. Is he trying to influence public policy or is his show purely entertainment, because the rest of us have had enough with the virtue signaling.

The shift in where people get their News and information from is troubling, John Stewart was at least smart enough to tell people that he was a “fake newsman”. Everything that late-night comedians talk about in relation to news and events is based on the work journalists have already done. Journalists have a code of ethics and comedians do not, comedians these days are concerned too much about rating and whatever drives viewership. Unlike reputable cooperation like the New York times and PBS.news who are about facts as they see them. To them, credibility is more important than what is driving ratings.

Comedians, in my opinion, should do what they know best, helping people forget about the stress of the day through laughter. Part of the reason why the Simpsons are still popular is, the show is dumb and it is for people like us who just want to think about nothing. Even after a tragedy, comedians should focus on making people laugh rather than pushing an agenda. Otherwise, they will alienate a large section of the population that just want to unwind and watch something light and not get told how bad things are, they already know how bad things are. Comedians should take note of what has happened to ESPN, the Emmys, and OSCARS, their ratings went down as soon as they chose a side and went political. Even you want to push an agenda and influence policy, there are better ways of doing it without having to insult a large part of the country.